An introduction to the Humber Landlords Association

Being a landlord can be quite a lonely existence! Apart from your agent tenant and contractor there isn’t really anyone who understands the challenges running your property business poses. With all the bad press landlords get in the local and national media you can feel quite isolated. You might like that! if you don’t the Humber Landlords association (HLA) could be your saving grace.

The HLA is a local association covering the north bank of the humber. It’s members are largely local people with property investments in Hull. As a group we meet on a monthly basis at One Stop Golf on National Avenue over some sandwiches and coffee. The Chairperson Danny Gough (Owner of MYPAD) prepares a meeting agenda along with a dozen or so members of the steering committee. Topics can include challenging legislation imposed by the local or national authority, new products on the market to help landlords, discussing services in the city and creating some buying power as a group. Above all its a great way to ask questions and glean information from other landlords with a wealth of experience.

Interested in joining? Come along as my guest drop me an email.

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